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Well what can I say. Its been a long 2 weeks since my last log, a lot has been achieved but its been a hell of a ride. First off the exhaust just wouldn’t fit properly, after many hours, use of a hacksaw & a hammer it finally went on. Next up the mechanical fuel pump wouldn’t work, we tried an electric one which quite literary blew a gasket off one of the carbs.. Having sorted that out we finally got round to getting the distributor on and the shaft end got dropped into the engine, it came out with the help of a large magnet… Then about to start her for the first time we ended up melting the points in the dizzy.. This happened twice before we finally located the offending wire… Then finally we turned the key and the starter motor gave up. So yet more work to do.. But I'm glad to say, even though she sounded like a old mans backside, who'd been living off cabbage soup for a month.. She started first time! More on all this next week.

Base coats go onClear coats go on

Final Wet Sanding


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