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So this week I ended up removing the front loom from the brown estate as the loom I had in the estate was so customised, I couldn't actually work out what was what. So after removing the loom I  spent three days creating a colour A3 wiring diagram, sat down and labeld every wire, added a few connections for my custom dash/MPI stalks, recovered it and started thinking about wiring the twin headlights...
Wiring urgh! Anyway, this week I've made a choice - I'm going to aim to get the car to Mini in the park. The clubman estate register have offered me a place on their clubstand.. So i've made a list and now have some kind of order for the rebuild. It's going to be tough, especialy as I won't be rushing anything. So anyway to get to Mini in the Park i'm going to need to have the MOT at least a week before - so thats the second week in August..

Base coats go onClear coats go on

Final Wet Sanding


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