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I've been quite slack over the last two weeks, although I have managed to get few bits and bobs done. I'm finding it a nightmare rebuilding the Estate, I've yet to create some kind of order so am just putting bits on here and there. I've still got the front doors and bonnet to spray (urlgh) so will need to get on with that pretty soon. Once the doors, bonnet & windows are on I'm planning to spend two days going over the paint work with more compound - really bringing out the shine..
On another note I've noticed that the wiring loom, although seemingly just hanging there harmlessly has actually been throwing subliminal evil vibes at me... So much so that I decided to have a proper look. Argh! Where do you start. The Haynes diagrams are a nightmare to read and I'm sure the loom has been modified as I keep finding little resistor things that I'm sure shouldn't be there... Anyway, I have a plan.. ;-)

Base coats go onClear coats go on

Final Wet Sanding


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