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Friday night was spent franticly reassembling the rear subframe, getting tires on the wheels & finishing all those little jobs that needed doing before putting the subframes on the car.. Then came the big day, I arrived at the workshop early trying to get everything finished, which I did, just in time.. We had some issues with getting the front subframe on.. I would defiantly recommend putting the frame on then dropping the engine into the car, as lifting the car over the engine is a nightmare..

Anyway, several hours later the Estate was sitting on its own wheels. This marks a huge step in completing the car, as effectively all that’s left to do is reassembly, oh and the wiring of course (urlgh).. I wonder how long it will be until I give in to the temptation of starting her up…

Base coats go onClear coats go on

Final Wet Sanding


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